6 Wallpaper Ideas to Update Your Home Now

6 Wallpaper Ideas to Update Your Home Nowhttps://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/v3/mm/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn-image.realsimple.com%2Fsites%2Fdefault %2Ffiles%2Fstyles%2Frs_medium_image%2Fpublic%2F1562354314%2Fms579_mosaic scallop_emeraldgreen_tempaper_livingroom_rgb.jpg%3Fitok%3DA0mlb45t&q=85

No longer is wallpaper associated with outdated homes! With new styles and application processes, wallpaper is becoming a regular addition in recent home decor. Modern wallpaper is showing how stylish, updated, and sleek it really can be. Follow along for 6 wallpaper ideas that will update your home now.

Classic Prints - Modern Furniturehttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/1f/27/02/1f27020c1b496515ee0e781a12dbd697.jpg

Classic Prints - Modern Furniture

Although wallpaper was seen as "overly-traditional", it doesn't mean you can't make those classic, elegant prints feel new. Paired with modern interpretations of retro designs, your space will brim with glamour; bringing the whole look together brilliantly. Add in some funky retro lighting and luxuriate in your fabulous, classically inspired dining area.



As the tones of colour fade into each other, graduating from light to dark, you'll get lost in the sombre beauty this wallpaper exudes. Ombré designed wallpaper is perfect for establishing a serious mood in any space. Look how the twilight sky-inspired wallpaper above is paired with a moody marble vanity, rose gold fittings and light fixture, as well as the frameless mirror. Everything in this bathroom captures that beautiful in-between moment of dusk when the light begins to fade.

Bold and Graphic http://www.leflo.co.kr/upload/108/20190507115606/20190507121408_db76f36c.jpg

Bold and Graphic

If you're searching for something that looks super modern, you'll want to look into graphic prints. The linear aesthetic and perceived three-dimensional effect give it that futuristic look. Inspired somewhat by digitized blueprints, these mesmerizing wallpapers work really well with other shapes in your space. Above, you can see how well cubic print draws on the shapes of the herringbone floors and really brings attention to the painted wall in the dining room.

Tonal Trend http://www.leflo.co.kr/upload/108/20190507115606/20190507121547_651c63a4.jpg

Tonal Trend

While it isn't necessarily that austere beauty we see in modern interiors, the tonal approach is definitely on-trend! Both faux quartz and ethereal wallpaper designs really set the scene for a heavenly atmosphere, dancing and interacting with the light. We highly recommend trying some art deco-inspired furniture pieces to nail the sought-after retro accent in any space. 

Display as Artworkhttps://cupofjo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/framing-wallpaper-as-art-2-680x850.jpg

Display as Artwork

You don't need to cover the entire wall to make a statement. In fact, framing your favourite wallpaper print can be a more affordable and less labour-intensive option! If you find a design that really speaks to you, but you don't want to fully commit to a full wall, frame a section of wallpaper. This can add those fun splashes of colour and funky designs into your home perfectly.

Dress Up Your Cornershttp://walli.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/photo-by-catherine-kwong-design-interior-san-francisco.jpg

Dress Up Your Corners

If you have a little spot in your home that's looking a little quiet and uninspired, look no further! Luckily, monochrome interiors can have endless potential when combined with creative wallpaper. Adding a wonderful printed wallpaper to transform your awkward corners will turn those unused spaces into comfortable and stylish reading nooks.

Wallpaper has moved beyond its negative history, with plenty of modern spaces embracing this quick and easy decor trick. We couldn't be more thrilled to see this come back into its own! Use wallpaper to bring a strong mood or vibrant shot of colour into any space and update your home now. For more tips and tricks be sure to follow Marina Homes' blog series!