How to Choose the Right Home Builder for You


The most important decision you will make on the road to your new home is choosing the right builder. Choosing the right home builder will not only help bring your dream house to life, but will ultimately create a home you and your family will love living in. We have five tips here to help you choose the right home builder for you!

1. Focus on Quality

Your new home is going to be the place where you and your family are going to live in for years to come; the last thing you want to worry about are repairs - especially repairs to critical structural systems that may be difficult and costly to fix or upgrade later. Ask to tour builders' past projects, check references, and question the builder about the structural materials you can't see. The key to your home's longevity is a solid foundation throughout, and your builder should be choosing high quality products from the countertops all the way down to the framing. Ask candidates what materials they use, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality-built home from the ground up.


2. Research

Narrowing your search for a builder can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. The best way to start is searching based on your future home's location; from there you can browse builder portfolios and floor plans. Word-of-mouth is a great tool for you to learn about local builders. If you can, try to consult with friends and family who have already purchased new homes so you can create a list of potential builders to review.



3. Transparency

Some of the best builders to work with are fully transparent and happy to answer any question you may have from the start. They want you to have a good experience with your new home so feel free to ask them about anything you may be concerned with or not understand. Try checking out their website's "About Us" page to get a feel for the personality of the company. Any builders who have trouble, or don't want to answer your questions clearly should be seen as a red flag and steered clear of.


4. Show and Tell

If you've been pouring over renderings and floor plans of the homes available on different builder sites, this is a great time to show your builder what you've found and connected with. Having done this prior leg work, you can come in and talk with the builders knowing what they offer and getting a lot more out of your meeting. If you have any questions about certain layouts over others this is the perfect time to bring these up and discuss with the team. This process also has the added benefit of determining whether a company offers builds that are close to your dream home ideal before you go in.



5. Communication Style

Find a builder and design team with whom you can connect. Ideally the team will ask questions and listen to your goals and vision for your home in order to understand what design will best fit your lifestyle. If a builder takes an exceedingly long time to respond, it may be an early sign that you will experience frustration with communication throughout the build. Understand that they do have other projects on the go, but a builder who responds promptly and makes you feel like their only customer will help to avoid headaches throughout the process.

If you follow these tips you will find a builder you can trust, one that uses quality materials and understands your vision for your new dream home. There will most likely be more than one road block along the way so be sure to choose a builder who will make that road as smooth as possible. Be sure to follow Marina Homes on Facebook to keep up with our blogs!