Hidden Storage Opportunities in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Storage

No matter what size your kitchen is, having space-saving storage options work wonders! These storage options not only reduce unsightly clutter but also improve organization (saving you future headaches). So it's time to take a step back, really look at your kitchen, and look for these hidden/ underused spots because we're going to show you how to make them functional and maximize your space.

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Whether freestanding or on casters, small kitchen islands are extremely useful if you have enough floor space. It may not seem like a wide open floor would count as a 'hidden' storage opportunity but it's because of that openness that this space goes overlooked. If the island is on wheels it can easily be moved to serve varying functions whenever it's needed. Islands work as an additional food prep area, a bar/ serving station when entertaining, or a casual dining table. Be sure to keep an eye out for kitchen islands that have integrated storage options as well because it further adds to their space-saving value. However, consider the workflow of your space before buying to make sure you can get around easily when the dishwasher or drawers are open.



Corners can easily become a real waste of space if they are not used properly. Make these hidden spaces work for you by creating a little bookcase for cookbooks and other reference materials. Not only does this give the space a little extra detailing but it also provides easy access to those important recipes! Another great option for your kitchen, butler's pantry, or home bar is to turn those corner nooks into a wine storage area.

Refrigerator Gaps

Refrigerator Gaps

We've all had that experience at least once in our lives where we've had a home with a fridge space that doesn't match our fridge size. These wide gaps usually get used as storage for brooms, mops, and ironing boards. However, because the gaps are usually fairly large, they can easily be used for something more permanent and more visually appealing. If your gap is 4 inches wide or little less wine storage is a terrific option! If you have a little more space and want something a little more versatile, we suggest setting up adjustable shelves that can give you good storage opportunities for books, platters and other items. It's good to note that refrigerator gaps are generally 20 to 24 inches deep, which means that these solutions won't use all the available depth. If you're really looking to squeeze everything out of your space try looking into a pull-out system. There are a wide variety of pull-out shelving options at your disposal ranging from 5½ inches wide (interior measurement) to the more common 10 inch wide shelving. Keep in mind that these systems are best professionally installed and can be expensive.

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Narrow Nooks

Nooks around your doorway may not seem like a very useful space because they're so narrow and, if deep, difficult to access. However, with a little creative thinking and a decorative eye, these hidden spaces can be so worth the small investment. Create cabinetry in the spaces to help store recipe books, cutting boards, wine racks, and decorative accoutrements. You'll see these spots can actually become their own decorative features within your kitchen as well as serving as a very functional storage option.

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Cabinet End

Those spots at the end of your cabinetry can be a perfect spot for those small odds and ends needed in the kitchen, with some inexpensive hooks or some special racks, you can create little cabinets to maximise storage and hide commonly used tools. If your design won't allow for cabinetry but you find you do have a deep, narrow space try looking into specialized racks for cleaning equipment. Pull-out broom and mop holders allow for you to hide commonly used cleaning supplies within you cabinetry design, so they blend in while also providing maximum functionality. This option is ideal for kitchens, laundries, and cabinets located beneath stairs.

We hope that, with these tips, you will be able to find/ make use of any of those 'dead spaces' in your kitchen and really create a functional space that you will be proud of. We're sure that if you use any of these tips you'll find an instant change in your space both aesthetically and functionally. As always, be sure to follow Marina Homes on Facebook to keep up with our blogs!