Smart Gadgets for Your New Home


Your home is a space to come and relax; escaping the hustle and bustle of outside life. However, chores and commitments often get in the way of this time away, making it hard to re-centre yourself. This is where Smart Home devices come in! They automate all those daily tasks and help households get that time back. To make sure you're making the most of your time, we've created a list of the 5 most important gadgets and tools that can make your home smarter.

Smart Home Thermostats

Heating and cooling normally accounts for more than half of a household's total energy cost! This is where smart thermostats come in, allowing you to automate the entire heating and cooling process and bringing your costs way down in the process. Investing in a smart thermostat for your home has so many long term benefits that not only bring down costs, but also provide great convenience. These modern devices learn your preferences and schedule; optimizing use of heating and cooling when you're not home. They can help you save up to 50% energy usage over the course of the year. Some devices can also protect your home through monitoring the heat & humidity levels, sending you live notifications and alerts in case of an unexpected error. Of course, you can't forget the handy built-in app for your mobile that allow you to fully control your thermostat from virtually anywhere!


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

By now you've probably seen these small, disk-shaped robots advertised everywhere. Fitted with sensors and ready to automatically clean your home immediately, these devices can be found for as little as $79 ranging to $1,000 depending on models and add-ons. These little guys save you a whole lot of time as the cleaner does all the job by itself, vacuuming your home using a predetermined, smart route. They are also amazing for homeowners with mobility issues who can no longer lug a heavy machine around their homes. Best of all: they require minimal maintenance, lasting for years without too much attention. Just keep sharp objects out of its way and clean it every few months.


Robotic Lawn Mowers

You read right – people have invented robotic lawn mowers! In fact, these incredible devices were invented over two decades ago; only having started to pop up on the market by the hundreds in the last couple years. They are totally automatic; you can enjoy a perfect lawn without lifting a finger (after you first set the perimeter and add your desired mowing schedule). These mowers are also equipped with safety features like anti theft, protection for children and weather protection. The top robotic lawn mowers available now include Husqvarna Automowers, Robomow RX12, Worx Landroid Mowers, McCulloch ROB 1000, and the Robomow Rc306.

Smart Security Systems

Using a smart security surveillance system is a sure way to keep all thieves and criminals at a safe distance. These systems, when managed by a professional company, will allow you to get the most out of the cameras and devices included in the system's package. The cameras are outfitted with motion sensors that detect the random movement patterns of any intruder. Moreover, because the technology used is so high-end, you have the opportunity to incorporate it with other security systems such as safes and door locks, as well as being able to control the whole system while away from home.

Smart Personal Assistants

You are probably quite up-to-date with this technology considering the slew of advertising and media attention, or you probably know someone who owns an Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Needless to say, a personal assistant is an amazingly useful smart device that can make your life much easier than ever before. These devices can set timers, alarms, calendar entries, and get the latest news /weather updates all while controlling your lighting, TV, fans, thermostats and other smart devices/ appliances. They also have great social elements like streaming your favourite movies, playing your favourite music, listening to Audiobooks, and ordering pizza/ Ubers all with your voice!


Any one of these devices alone is sure to make a notable difference in your day-to-day life, helping save you time and money! Keep an eye out for many more exciting and innovative smart home products that are coming out in this ever-expanding field. Be sure to follow Marina Homes on Facebook to keep up with our blogs!