Which Interior Design Style are you: Traditional, Modern, Transitional, or French Country


Our homes are often a reflection of our inner personality and character. We spend a lot of time searching and collecting pieces that echo our unique attributes, traits and qualities in order to create a space that we feel comfortable in. Of course, a big part of feeling at home is how you use these pieces in your home; creating a style that mirrors your lifestyle. We, at Marina Homes, have put together a list of common interior design styles to give you an idea of which decor theme will match your persona.


Traditional interiors place great importance on symmetry, balance, and order. These spaces follow a classic design style that is well-considered and often composed around a central focal piece. This could be a fireplace with an ornate mirror above, a grand dining table, or - more recently- an entertainment system.

Is This You:

You are in love with timeless, age-defiant designs. You feel absolutely at home in refined settings, opting for elegant furnishings that radiate a feeling of history. Your favourite saying is probably "a place for everything, and everything in its place"; decorating with a keen eye for harmony and order.



Modern design is all about clean-lines; focusing on function before form. These spaces don't have unnecessary accessories or needless decorations, concentrating on the use of space to draw the eye. The simplicity of this decor brings attention to small details that would otherwise lost among many items. Modern design style is often used for smaller interiors where the sparse decor lends itself to homes where space is a premium.

Is This You:

You are a metropolitan through and through. You favour sleek spaces that are clutter-free and create ample room that allow you to come home and breathe before heading out to snag some after-work drinks. This minimal, unadorned style will definitely reflect your uncomplicated and practical outlook.



Transitional design is the art of mixing traditional and modern styles with clean lines and rounded profiles to create a new take on old classics. These rooms are meant to be uncomplicated, using minimal accessories in order to draw attention to the simplicity and sophistication of the design. The comfort of traditional design's ample and enticing furniture mixed with modern design's practical, clean lines combine to create an inviting and uncluttered space.

Is This You:

You are a combination of trendy and classic. There's a special place in your heart for those classic, elegant aesthetics but you prefer a modern touch of chic practicality. You lead an active lifestyle that reflects your lively personality but when the day is over you want to relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

French Country

French Country Interior Design has a strong cottage/ farm aesthetic that is warm, cozy, and comfortable with a strong natural character. These interiors emphasise the environment with timeworn accessories that harken back to an era when pieces were handcrafted with natural materials. Although these spaces feature rugged interiors, the natural colours really bring out a warm, welcoming aura.

Is This You:

You are warm, welcoming, and down-to-earth. Odds are, your perfect night includes snuggling down with a warm mug and a throw blanket in your favourite comfy chair. After a long day out in the hustle and bustle, having this cozy space to recharge your batteries is key.


Creating a space that matches your personality and lifestyle is essential to a happy home. We hope this list helps you to find a design style that really speaks to you. Be sure to follow Marina Homes on Facebook to keep up with our blogs!