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5 Reasons Why You Want to Live at High Pointe Meadows in Fort Erie

Planning a move with your family can be overwhelming. There are a few things you need to consider before determining where is the best place to put down your ‘welcome home’ mat. How many schools are within your district? How close are you to hospitals? What would the cost of living be for your whole family? These are just some questions you need to ask yourself. Although bustling cities like Toronto are exciting and typically have the infrastructure to support your family, there are other up and coming areas in Ontario that you should consider!


Located in Fort Erie, High Pointe Meadows is a new development by Marina Homes Inc. that is less than a two-hour drive from Toronto and in close proximity to everything you would need for your family (and then some). Here are five reasons we believe you should consider living at High Pointe Meadows:


Less Competition

Knowing that everyone is going to be searching for new homes throughout the warmer months means … well it means exactly that! Everyone is going to be waiting until spring before they start searching the market. This gives you the opportunity to search for a new home that meets all of your needs, at the price point you are comfortable with. Not only that but you have the time to slowly begin preparing for your move later on when construction is complete. No need to rush around trying to have everything settled and tucked away within the next week. Schedule ahead with lots of time to get things done before the actual move-in date.

Time To Breathe

Another huge benefit to having less competition means that you don’t have to deal with the craziness that comes from the busy real estate market. In fact, things can get so messy during the warmer months that some buyers decide to write contract-waiving inspection contingencies and appraisal clauses that they would never do without all that added pressure. With the slower winter market, buyers donate have to move so fast, which makes the whole process feel a lot more manageable. For some buyers, this is actually the number one reason they decide to wait until the winter to buy a home.

Focused Agents and Lenders

During the winter months, real estate agents and lenders, aren’t anywhere near as busy as they would be during the peak selling and buying seasons. If you’re working with a realtor to help, you’ll find they have much more time to focus on finding the right new home for you. In the same way, lenders will be more available to process the paperwork needed to get the money in your hands. This means the closing process, which can sometime take up to a month, may also be quicker during the winter months.

Mortgage Rates May Go Up

If you’re looking to get the best mortgage rate you can, buying during the winter is a good start! Look to buy your new home before rates have a chance to increase in order to save you money. Of course, interest rates don’t always go up, so you’ll have to be aware of the financial climate you’re buying in. However, if you think they’re likely to increase next year, buying your home now is a logical idea.

Tax Incentives

End-of-year tax benefits are another one of the biggest motivations behind buying a house in the winter. If you close on a new home on or before December 31, you can deduct interest and property tax portions of your mortgage payment, points on your loan, and interest costs from your taxes! As a new homeowner, your monthly mortgage payment will mainly be interest payments so a large portion may be tax deductible.


Although most people may recommend buying a new home in the summer months, the winter months offer some incredible incentives to the keen homebuyer. With the market slowing you’ll have a lot more time to sit down and look at your options, as well as some big financial advantages for closing before the new year! For more helpful tips and information like this be sure to follow the Marina Homes blog.