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5 Home Decorating Tips for the Spring

With the warmer weather just around the corner, does anyone else feel like they need to spring clean? There’s something about opening up your windows and letting that fresh air breeze through your house. It feels so refreshing after a long winter! Check out these inspiring tips for simple DIY home improvements you can make this weekend – all without breaking too much sweat (or spending tons of money).

Fresh Flowers

How can you not smile when a bouquet of fresh flowers is sitting in your living room? You’ll be happy to have such an inviting scent all week long. When it comes time for company, just move them into another space – they’re so simple and easy!

Reposition the Furniture


Spring is a great time to give your living room some much-needed TLC. Take an objective look around the space and identify what new pieces would fit in well with its design personality, where they can be placed efficiently without cluttering any area too much (you don’t want everything cluttered!), or just generally freshen up how you’re using them by moving certain items closer together if necessary so that there’s more open floor plan throughout! You might also consider getting rid of old furniture altogether if it doesn’t match this fresh mindset.

Fresh Spring Air


The beauty of sunlight shining through your windows is something that cannot be seen or felt just by looking at it. But this time around, let’s not forget about the importance of air purifiers! Airborne allergens and particles can cause problems for those with sensitivities so make sure to get one during these pollen season months if you want a healthy home environment free from illness-causing irritants like dust mites, and pet dander.

Discrete Wallpaper


The difference a few shades can make in your kitchen is incredible. Painting or wallpapering just the inside of cabinets and cupboards will give you that much-needed pop, without any major work on top!

Hang Vibrant Artwork


Introduce more colour and pattern into your space by decorating with an upholstered headboard, curtains or blinds that have lively hues. For something extra fun try adding the tiniest bit of green in their design!

If you’re looking for balance on this side then finish off these colours using crisp white walls complemented beautifully against artwork which can be anything from paintings to photos – just make sure it has some sorta’ hue going forward so there’ll always seem like enough brightness coming through when viewing them straight-on without any distractions around

Welcome the new season with these stylish and inviting home decorating ideas that will freshen up your space any time of year. Incorporate one or more trends for an eye-catching look inside, too!