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Balance for your dream home: Vintage or Modern?

Interiors are all about balance. Mixing old and new furniture is a great way to create an interior that transcends time. When you have old pieces that carry memories alongside newer ones with the same sentimentality attached, it creates an authentic look that showcases your personal taste too. You can easily create this type of space by putting vintage furnishings such as furniture or artwork side-by–side to modern and contemporary designs. This gives any room a multi generational appeal without being too dressed up/done down. 

Mixing old and new furniture is a great way to create an interior that transcends time. You can do this by incorporating heirloom pieces into your space or find inspiration at a thrift store where you might find one type of piece paired with another – like wood floors matched up against colourful cushions on sofas! The most livable interiors are those who have been pinched together without sacrificing any detail- they’re easy going while still being layered. 

Long-term investment 

Firstly, you should invest in durable and high-quality materials because they will last longer and are more attractive to the eye. Investing in high-quality materials will not only require less maintenance from you, but it also improves your home’s value if ever you decide to sell. It surely makes a more comfortable place for living when we don’t have to worry about making big changes often! There are some things in your home that you might want to avoid remodelling, especially when the trend goes out of style. You will spend too much money on labour and time if it’s not necessary or maybe even worse-you won’t enjoy living there anymore because everything is changing all day long!

Set up the perfect architectural background

Stunning spaces with high ceilings, fabulous windows and original features provide the perfect backdrop to any design. It is always possible for less architecturally interesting locations to have a little bit of style by adding eclectic elements. Raw brickwork or textured wall finishes can help set them apart from their traditional counterparts in terms of furniture choices like fireplaces which can be found either classic styled with chimney breast tiles.  Others might opt for more modern-looking metal framing construction kits to complete their space including exposed pipes overhead lighting fixtures – whatever you prefer!


Some people like to be more traditional and keep their home look consistent, while others prefer something that is fresh. It’s easy enough for these two groups of individuals because they can simply eat up all the furniture in one room with different styles! The best way around this problem? Upholstery and Upcycling. Upcycle vintage pieces using contemporary fabrics and colours, achieving a one-off piece that bridges the gap between styles. Let your imagination run wild by using favourite items from other rooms – an old ladder back chair as a bedside table or even taking apart another piece (or three) to use temporarily until you find what suits YOU better than those antique chairs do right now.

Striking a balance

Mixing different styles within the same room can be tricky, but there are ways of making it work. The key is balance and variety–you want to use enough pieces from each style so that they don’t overwhelm your space or feel out-of place in relation to one another; for example if you mixed Georgian furniture with some Chinese statement pieces they would definitely stand out in the wrong way. Instead find versatile items suchs contemporary artworks/pottery which match both periods (or at least have been made recently). Curating themes like naturalistic paintings depicting landscapes instead of opting for only the ones dating back centuries ago.