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How to Create a Multipurpose Laundry Room


A well-designed laundry room can make life so much easier. Once you have decided on the area for the washer, dryer, and clothes-care, you can make this room so handy it will become part of your daily life. Sinks, counters, mudroom areas, and storage are all elements that will make you more efficient at carrying out daily household tasks. With good planning, a well designed multipurpose laundry room can double as a home office, a shower zone for your pet, a crafts room and so much more. Follow along for some ideas to help create your new multipurpose laundry room.


Turning your laundry room into a home workspace can not only help you save on space, but time as well; allowing you to complete several different tasks at the same time. It is the perfect solution for those who might want a dedicated home office, but do not have enough room for it elsewhere. All you need is a small desk, a comfy chair, some file storage cabinets, and some connectivity. If your laundry is in the basement or the garage, you get the bonus of a quiet space that will allow you to concentrate on work even more effectively! Remember, lighting plays a big role in shaping the overall appeal and the practicality of such multipurpose spaces. Make sure that there is a blend of ambient and focused lighting along with as much natural light as you can get. A dull home workspace can be counterproductive, and it will down the aesthetics of your laundry room.


Crafts/ Wrapping Room

If you consider yourself somewhat of a design aficionado, it makes sense to turn that extra room into a place for crafts and DIY projects. You can easily give yourself a great, organized space right next to the laundry that also serves as a crafts area. Usually it can be tough to find a flat expanse of space large enough to allow for all the materials, but laundry rooms lend themselves well to roomy counters for both wrapping and folding. However, you don’t need an excessively large laundry room to turn it into a crafty hub. A small island and some deft shelves are all it takes to transform the laundry room into a more fun and creative space. This will help you in saving time and can even transform into a full-fledged home office or studio at some point down the line.



Pet Haven

Many of us already use the laundry room as a back entry or mudroom with a shower zone for our pets. However, some homeowners have taken this to a whole new level by turning it into a haven for their pawed friend! You can incorporate a custom dog shower in the space if you have the square footage, making it extremely handy when coming in from a particularly dirty walk. If you don’t have that kind of space, just add a comfy little bed and maybe a litter box with some shelving for toys, leashes, and other necessities for your furry family members.



If the idea of a mud room does not fancy you, try using the space as a pantry. Bring an additional refrigerator into the laundry room and add some concealed cabinets for extra food stock. Or opt for open shelving and keep the ‘best before’ dates in plain sight! Not only does this give you an easily accessible walk-in pantry, but also helps to free up the cupboard space in your kitchen.

These are only a few options of what you can do to create a multipurpose laundry room! We hope this gave you some good ideas for your space and will help you come up with some of your own. Be sure to follow Marina Homes on Facebook to keep up with our blogs!