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Hot Window Treatment Trends To Try This Winter

Hot Window Treament Trends To Try This Winter

Window treatments are a fun way to add a little life to any room in you home! Both budget friendly and easy, changing your blinds or curtains can update your decor without the full commitment of a reno. Read on for our top picks for hot window treatment trends to try this winter!

Caulk Your Windows

Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a classic when it comes to window treatments! The drama of long curtains adds height to even small rooms, making it suitable for spaces of all sizes. Hang your curtain rod about six inches above your window to get the maximum effect for this look. Another option is to hang your curtains from a discreet ceiling-mounted curtain track.

Sheer Styles

Sheer Styles

Sheer curtains allow plenty of light into rooms that are otherwise dim. They provide privacy while brightening up small rooms and their thin fabric also saves space. They work well in living and dining rooms, though we suggest you use heavier, more opaque styles in the bedroom. Further, don’t assume these curtains only come in neutrals! The latest styles are sheers in colours and prints.

Combining Curtains And Blinds

Combining Curtains And Blinds

If you can’t decide, use both curtains and blinds! For the most versatility, try Venetian blinds and curtains, which allows for the most control over light in your room. Or incorporate several of our window treatment trends into one look by using sheer curtains over cellular shades! Feel free to get creative with prints, but stick to one pattern and one solid to keep your window treatment harmonized.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo isn’t just for a tropical tiki bar! These days, bamboo shades are sleek and modern. As a plus, they are eco-friendly and %100 organic. If you are interested in sustainable styles, bamboo shades may be your window treatment of choice!

Check Your Toilet For Leaks

Matching Fabrics

Matching your window treatment to your sofa or bedspread is a quirky take on a retro style. Make sure the pattern is fresh and modern to keep the look from appearing fussy. Another option is matching to an ottoman or cushions, as seen in the image above. Upholstering smaller household items to match your curtains will be easier on your wallet than matching a whole sofa.

As you can see, window treatments are an area where you can unleash your inner interior designer and go wild! Whether you choose curtains or shades, updating your window decor revitalizes your home while going easy on your wallet. Remember to follow along on the Marina Homes blog for more great decorating tips!